About Booxter Property

Essentially, Booxter Property is a property listing WordPress plugin. You will be able to create and publish Property post type across one or more property categories. Additionally, property tags can be used to group your property posts in a more sensible way.

As seen on Booxter’s demo, each property can have its own gallery, amenities with icons, GoogleMap and, of course, description text. Moreover, you are able to chose between 4 predefined layouts for category page and 5 different layouts for property single post.

Booxter Property doesn’t need to be used with Booxter or any specific WP theme. It’ll fit to any WordPress theme. Another cool fact about Booxter Property is that you can “attach” some other accommodation booking plugin to it via the content hook (explained in plugin docs).

That’s not all! The plugin itself is also equipped with 2 widgets: Booxter Properties Widget and Booxter Properties Slider Widget. If SiteOrigin page builder plugin is detected, these two regular widgets will automatically become SiteOrigin compatible widgets.

So, once you download Booxter Property plugin package, extract to a local drive first. The package contains Documentation on how to install, use, adapt and translate the plugin.

Enjoy it, any feedback is more than welcome!