About Booxter

Booxter is accommodation booking plugin for WordPress. It works in pair with PayPal’s Invoicing API and is capable to turn any post, page, custom post type or a custom template into the subject of booking.

Simplicity and functionality are the words to describe Booxter. There are many accommodation booking plugins for WordPress out there, however none of them is as simple and straightforward as Booxter.

It’ll fit to any WordPress theme or even third party plugin, it’s really light with regards to configuration, it’s fast, no extra database tables, you can easily define multiple price exceptions per accommodation ( any given date range ), etc.

So, how it works?

  • Client creates booking request at your website
    Selected number of days are claimed by the client and the booking calendar makes them unavailable for further booking. 
  • New booking is recorded as a booking entry
    All of bookings are found in WP Admin panel under Booxter > All Bookings.
  • PayPal invoice with booking details is automatically sent to the client
    The client will have 1 – 7 days to make the payment – which depends on your booking calendar settings. In the meantime you can cancel this booking either from WP Admin or your PayPal account for whatever reason you might have.
  • You receive the notice about new booking being made
    It’ll be sent from PayPal automatically. You can also enable notifications from Booxter if you want to. It’s a double check but might be handy coz you can define another (additional) email address to receive booking notifications to.

Now you can sit and wait until funds are landed to your PayPal or the bank account. It depends on booking calendar settings how long it might take. Some people tend to pay bills immediately while others wait ’till the last minute.

No matter what PayPal will let you know as soon as the payment happens by sending another notification.

At the end, and if everything goes smoothly, you should mark the booking post as Paid and approve booked days.

That’s it, booking sold!