Admin Demo

Before you create your own, personal demo site and give Booxter a test drive, few things to keep on mind. The following will be needed by the plugin itself and without it you won't be able to test the booking process!

1. Register as a PayPal developer
You will need your own Sandbox account for the testing purpose. Booxter plugin can run in sandbox or in live mode. Sandbox doesn't spend real money but everything works as if in live mode.
Register Here
2. Create PayPal Sandbox accounts
Remember that you will have to manage 2 accounts: Personal and Business account. That's how you can experience entire system functionality from both client and business holder perspective.
How-to and why?
3. Grab those PayPal's developer API "witchcrafts"

a) PayPal Sandbox AppID. You can copy from here: APP-80W284485P519543T . It's always the same for all developers.
b) PayPal Sandbox API Username
c) PayPal Sandbox API Password
d) PayPal Sandbox API Signature

These can be obtained from your PayPal's developer account (need help?). Be sure to use Signature Credentials (not Certificate Credentials) for NVP/SOAP API platform.

Register Here
Your Admin Demo login

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Your Admin Demo account will be active for 24 hours - from the time you create it.

Creating demo site takes a couple of minutes, please be patient!

Initial password is anonymous but you can still generate new one via Your Profile page if needed.