Booking entry

Booking entry is a copy of PayPal Invoice. Whatever you change here will be reflected on Invoice stored at PayPal’s server and partially vice versa.

Even though PayPal allows Invoice edit from your PayPal account, don’t ever do that! It is highly recommended to edit Invoice within the application it was created with. So, always edit with Booxter, PayPal will not update your booking entries data!

What can you do from Booxter with regards to PayPal Invoice edit?

  • update arrival and departure dates
  • update client personal information
  • check invoice status
  • cancel invoice

What can you do from your PayPal account?

  • edit Invoice (NOT RECOMMENDED!)
  • record payment
    Or otherwise, mark Invoice as Paid. This action is supposed to be done in case client makes the payment some other way, for instance Bank Transfer, Cash, Check, Wire Transfer, PayPal…
  • cancel invoice
  • record refund
    Or otherwise, mark invoice as Refunded. This action is supposed to be done if current Invoice was marked as paid, see record payment above.
  • refund
  • send reminder

Both of the above mentioned will have an impact on the color of Invoice status tag. And, of course, the text within.

  • Sent
    Invoice was created and sent to client’s email-address
  • Over due date
    Invoice was sent but not paid on the given due date. You might consider to cancel Invoice (booking) or send a reminder from your PayPal account
  • Paid or MarkedAsPaid
    Invoice was paid by the client or you marked the Invoice as paid
  • Canceled
    Invoice was canceled by the client or yourself
  • Refunded or MarkedAsRefunded
    Invoice payment refunded or you marked the invoice as refunded manually

Why is the Invoice Status not checked automatically?

Occasionally, for some reason PayPal server might be too busy, down or not responding. It means that the rest of the page that you are about to edit might not load until remote server is back to life again.That’s why is much safer to check the status after everything else (DOM) is already loaded.