Booking subject

It has already been mentioned that any post, page, custom post type or a custom template can easily become the subject of booking. Once declared, the target post, page or template will get a new panel underneath the text editor (tinyMCE) – Booxter Booking.

With Booxter properties can be rented throughout the entire year or within selected time frame.

All year longclients will be able to book accommodation 5 years upfront.
Selected datesonly one date range can be defined (the most likely for the current year).

Don’t forget to define Minimum nights to stay and the Standard accommodation price for the selected booking subject otherwise default values will be used.

Accommodation price exceptions

We all know that accommodation prices may vary during the year and which mostly depends on weather conditions or certain occasions (holidays).

That’s why Booxter allows you to define exceptions in accommodation price, as many as required – per booking subject.
Simply create an exception, define dates range and assign new price. As simple as that.

Calendar Settings (tab)

Just a few basic and handy options to be found here because most of the settings related to booking calendars are found under Booxter > Settings : Booxter Options.

Maybe the most interesting one would be the ability to add a custom class to each and every booking calendar instance – Custom wrapper class option. That’s how you can style each calendar for each property differently.