Booxter Property FAQ

Booxter Property plugin package includes user manuals. Even though FAQ is a part of documentation, you can read it online as well. For more questions please use Contact Us page.

Can I use Booxter Property for commercial purpose?

You can do that only if Booxter Property is used in pair with Booxter plugin.

Why do I need CarbonFields plugin to be able to use Booxter Property?

Plugin settings page was built by using CarbonFields! And Property post options panel too! It’s a great and super-handy WP custom fields plugin.

Can Booxter Property plugin work without Booxter?

Yes, of course it can. However, when Booxter Property is paired with Booxter, its functionality is expanded. Another plus is the fact that Booxter Property can be used commercially only when paired with Booxter.

I don’t understand Amenities option, could you explain a little bit more?

Amenities list consists of one or more icon – title pairs. You can create as many as required. That very list is then available in each Property post options panel (Accommodation Amenities tab) as the Amenities template.
For example, if you need “Baths” amenity, the most likely you’ll select Shower icon and add Baths title next to it. That’s what is called icon – title pair. That very pair will be available to each and every Property post instance under Accommodation Amenities tab.
Now, whenever certain Property requires Baths amenity to be added to the list of amenities, simply select “Baths” option from the “Select from amenities template” drop-down and populate with value. The most likely value will be YES, NO or YES 2 or YES SHARED or whatever you find suitable.

I want to customize Booxter Property category and/or single view template, is it possible?

Yes, of course it’s possible. Open “wp-content/plugins/booxter-property/includes/” folder and copy entire “templates” folder to your theme’s (or child theme’s) root folder.
Now edit whichever template file you want from the new location folder.
Why is that so?
Because the plugin will seek for required templates within currently active theme’s “templates” folder first. If not found there, templates are loaded from plugin’s default location which is “booxter-property/includes/templates/”.
Another reason is that Booxter Property will be updated from time to time. If you modify templates within plugin’s folder, the changes you made will be lost upon update.

How do I translate Booxter Property plugin to a different language?

Open “wp-content/plugins/booxter-property/lang/” folder.
By using gettext catalogs editor of your choice, edit “booxter-property.pot” and translate to your own language.
With Booxter Property, “booxter-property” represents plugin’s text-domain and plugins are translated by [text-domain]-[locale].EXT pattern.
Be sure to save as “booxter-property-YOUR_LOCALE.po” and then export to “” (if not generated automatically).
“” MUST reside in “/wp-content/plugins/booxter-property/lang/” folder!

What exactly stands YOUR_LOCALE for?

Well it’s more like a tag that helps WordPress identify language being used with it. For example, if you need to localize your plugin to Dutch, you’ll save translated files as “booxter-property-nl_NL.po” and “”. If you need to translate to French it’s gonna be “booxter-property-fr_FR.po” and “”. And so forth.

Check out WordPress Codex for complete list of locales.