PayPal settings

Valid PayPal account is a must with Booxter! It’s easy to open one and the benefits are numerous. For instance, your clients will only need a credit card to make the payment, they don’t need PayPal account at all because PayPal can process almost any credit card.

Moreover, PayPal users are allowed to setup testing environment which is named PayPal Sandbox. It is used to test software that works with PayPal’s API. Good thing about it is the fact that you can take roles of both merchant and buyer and get familiar with how things actually work.

It is strongly recommended that you test Booxter thoroughly via Sandbox before giving it a green light in your business.

Booxter can run in sandbox mode along with PayPal. The very first option labeled as “Run payments in” will let you control that. Don’t forget to switch to live mode and change e-email address once you are ready!

If you ain’t skilled with all these things you’ll have to learn. It’s not a rocket science, it’s something that anyone can do. Have patience.

So, PayPal settings panel is here to gather the crucial information from you in order to connect Booxter with its own “engine”. That engine is named PayPal Invoicing API.

There’s no need to bother with stuff behind the scene because these are not really important at this point. You can always Google for more if you like.
Regardless the mode you run the booking calendar in (live or sandbox), Booxter will ask the following information from you:

  • PayPal Sandbox/Live AppID. Sandbox mode AppID is always the same, you can copy from here: APP-80W284485P519543T
  • PayPal Sandbox/Live API Username
  • PayPal Sandbox/Live API Password
  • PayPal Sandbox/Live API Signature

These can be obtained from your PayPal account, here’s more info on how-to.

Booking payment request

Maybe there’s a little bit more attention required to that very option. Why? It kinda affects business flow with regards to the payment model used by Booxter.

Full price in advance or Partial payment? Do you want to charge full price in advance or a fraction of price only as a booking guarantee?

The difference is obvious, but what it means in terms of conducting the business?

Partial payment will be registered by PayPal as any other payment and as such Invoice status automatically becomes Paid. PayPal doesn’t know about partial payment option here which means you’ll have to find the way to get the rest of the money and make it show up in your business books.

No matter what you can always create and send another invoice from your PayPal account (subsequently) in order to collect the rest of the money. Booxter will stay out of it.

Full price in advance doesn’t require any additional book work because there’s nothing to be done once payment received entirely.

It’s up to you to decide tho.